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How to pick the appropriate size for your Roller Skate

Buying roller skates online can results difficult sometimes, but it would be easier than ever to pick the right choice with our advice!
Have you ever wandered how to pick the correct size for your roller skate?
Well, I'm gonna tell you right now how to do it..

- Stand up, put one of your feet over a white sheet of paper while keeping your leg perpendicular to the floor;
- Draw your foot shape;

- Once you're done, draw a line from the top of the foot shape to the bottom, (The tip of the foot and the Heel) Then measure it with a ruler.

- That's the correct size of your feet.
- To pick the right size keep in mind that 5/10 mm for an adult or 10/15 mm for a boy/girl who's still growing up can be added to your size
- Once you're done you just get the right size in millimeters of your roller skate and now you can peacefully place an order.

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